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Bachelor of Graphic Design 1989-1990
University of Canberra
Lecturer : Mary-Jane Taylor

Associate Diploma of Graphic Design 1987-1988
Canberra Institute of Technology ( Reid Campus )


Publishing Experience

All my publishing experience involved the full production process, from the raw copy and photos all the way to final prepress before printing. I’m particulary experienced with large, complex books with hundreds of photos and tight deadlines.

A good grasp of the science involved in the “Users Guide to the Australian Coast” was invaluable in designing the illustrations to be easily understandable to the layman. Many of the figures needed novel and imaginative solutions to both creative and technical problems. My diverse skills were crucial in making the figures work. Ie needing to learn how to convert data from Mercator Projections in Excel spreadsheets to fit into Simple Conic Projection maps with pinpoint accuracy to pass a peer review by other scientists. All the figures in that book were peer reviewed for accuracy and completeness. There was no tolerance for error.

I feel one of my greatest strengths is learning and understanding about what the publications I design are about and being able to express it simply and elegantly. My calm nature also is a great asset in the face of unexpected problems, stressed authors and tight deadlines.


I design websites that work, that communicate fully with the least download time.

Designing a website is only the first stage in a long process to maximise my clients web presence. Search engine optimisation, client based updating, perl and PHP scripting all are needed to make a website work for the client.


Eurocopter Australia Website - part of a successful tender to Australian Defence Forces to supply support helicopters.

Posture and Flexibility website - design and implementation. Discussion Boards and Form mail scripts.

Morison and Wall - Software developers

Disa Designs - builders of interactive kiosks


With over 10 years experience in Photoshop, Quark and Illustrator I can build your skills in these applications. I also give classes in Final Cut Pro, usually to filmmakers and producers more familiar with conventional analog or other non-linear systems

Graphic Design

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1996-2002

Overcome Neck and Back Pain Third Edition - Author Kit Laughlin, Publisher Simon & Schuster Pty Ltd, USA.

Stretching and Flexibility - Author Kit Laughlin, Publisher Simon & Schuster Pty Ltd

Anatomical Illustrations, Page Layout and photo-manipulation of large numbers of included photos for best selling Australian book. Edition for US market.

Stretching & Pregnancy - Author Kit Laughlin, Publisher Simon & Schuster Pty Ltd, USA.
Stretching & Pregnancy Video - 90mins. Cameraman, Editor & Motion Graphics

Morison and Wall - Numerous interfaces to touchscreens. Video editing for “Awards & National Symbols” travelling exhibition for Prime Minister & Cabinet

Disa Designs - 3d photorealistic renderings from engineering drawings.

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1997

Bright Partners Property Group Pty Ltd

Designing website for local Real Estate Agency and training agency staff in its operation. The site includes interactive screens and graphics encompassing all aspects of the business.

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1996-1997
"Users Guide to the Australian Coast" Second Edition - Author Dr Greg Laughlin Publisher:: Reed Books Pty Ltd
Designed over one hundred (100) figures and diagrams as 3D scientific visualisations of statistics, physical processes and theoretical constructs.

Attendee at the Annual San Francisco MacWorld Conference and Expo. 1997

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1996
Olympia Land Berhard Pty Ltd ( Malaysia )
Photo-composition of a proposed highrise building development within the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Included 3D modeling, rendering and compositing into aerial photo.

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1994-1996
Datatrax Pty Ltd.
Designed complete interactive interface for multimedia information and advertising touch screen access points around Australia liaising closely with the industrial designer for the project. Designed the lay out of the screens and graphics as well as designing advertisements for the following clients : Mastercard, Rydes Canberra, Australian National Parliament House, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian National University, Win Television, Mount Stromlo Observatory, Murrumbateman Winery, The Canberra Centre, Woden Plaza, Local Restaurants and small businesses.

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1996-1996
Graddon House Publishing Pty Ltd
Designed and formatted the graphics for a musical board game including the box, the playing board and liaised closely with the industrial designer creating the pieces.

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1996-1996
Datatrax Pty Ltd.
Created corporate identity, advertising pieces such as posters, folders and flyers.

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1996-1996
Overcome Neck and Back Pain Second Edition - Author Kit Laughlin, Publisher Simon & Schuster Pty Ltd.
Illustrations and photo-manipulation, design and illustration of the front cover and calibration of all three hundred (300 photographs from PhotoCD.

Attendee at the Annual San Francisco MacWorld Conference and Expo. 1996

Consultant Graphic Designer 1995
Marje Pryor & Associates Pty Ltd.
Ad Infinitum Pty Ltd
Duties included DeskTop Publishing, Media Advertisement Layout, Project Management, Production, Hardware and Software Management

Attendee at the Annual San Francisco MacWorld Conference and Expo. 1995

Attendee at the Annual San Francisco MacWorld Conference and Expo. 1994

Consultant Graphic Designer ( Freelance ) 1993-1993
Australian National University Graphic Design Faculty - Assistant to Senior Designer
Tasks included illustration, 3D graphics and page layout for publications.

Attendee at the Annual San Francisco MacWorld Conference and Expo. 1993

Founding Member of The Zoo Illustrative Group 1992-1994
The Zoo Illustrative Group
Established a small business enterprise in illustration, graphic design and industrial design.

Referee for Student Thesis on 3D Graphics 1991-1992

University of Canberra - Graphic Design Faculty.
Consultant Technical Support 1991-1992

University of Canberra - Graphic Design Faculty.
Helped in the development of a computer graphics programme at University of Canberra.

Tutor at University of Canberra 1991-1992
Graphic Design Faculty.
Duties included assisting students in gaining Desktop Publishing Skills, Illustration Class planning and teaching. All round “ Mr Fixit”.

Applications Experience

Extensive Pre-Press and Printing experience over a period of 9 years. Solely responsible for the final artwork for all of Kit's books.

Adobe Photoshop ( CMYK, Calibration and output )
Quark Xpress
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Painter, Poser
KnockOut Pro
Pixar Renderman
Adobe After Affects
Final Cut Pro
Cinema 4D XL
Freeway (web design)
Dreamweaver (website maintenance)
Acrobat Portable Document Format.

In addition to the Mac Software shown above I've had significant experience with PC Applications.

Internet Experience since 1991.


Mr Kit Laughlin

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About Me

My goal is to produce the best possible outcome for my client. To learn about what my clients do and understand it enough to produce a truly focused and relevant design.

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