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These are a few of the dynamic media animations i have done for web presentations, DVD's and TV commercials.


These are just a few examples, i've worked on interfaces for over 8 years.

Flash/Apple Quicktime 3 or later required


The designs i do for interfaces show a good range of my skills. From using my own photography or choosing stock footage, to 3D elements, illustrations and Typography.

I don't concentrate on one style, i can make a interface that is consistent with your whole corporate image or develop a whole new look. Rather than the latest style that will date quickly, you'll have a interface that will work year after year, maximising your investment and providing continuity to your audience.

Interface design also has fairly rigid limitations on the size of elements that need to be activated by touching the screen. It's a challenge to work within these limitations to produce a effective design.

These interfaces were done for Morison and Wall for interactive kiosk systems.

The black or white boxes are where the system put either video or database entries.

Original size 1024x768 pixels, reduced for faster download