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This is the area which combines all of my other skills and the ability to bring them all together in a way that maximises a clients message.

I feel my diversity of skills becomes a real asset. Rather than limiting my skills to a particular design field I can explore many different solutions for a clients unique needs.

Example: Dulux tender

This was a tender to redo Dulux's paint system. It's purpose was to allow customers to try different paint schemes on example photos. I was brought in by Morison and Wall Interactive to work on the interface and the processing of pictures. They did the programming and we worked together to come up with the interface structure and the most efficient system for the photos.

Dulux wanted to extend the system to include floor finishes, and paint texture treatments. The room picture with the white walls is the original photo. The one next to it is the altered version I did.

I worked out how to extract the lighting from a photo which could then be reapplied realtime to a new paint colour. It also allowed for the emission differences between matt and gloss paints and light and dark paints. Once worked out it was fairly trivial to process the 100 or so photos for the system.

Then I extracted the perspective from the photo to allow me to "map" another floor finish onto a photo. This data would then be processed by Morison Wall's program and linked to an interface. The customer could then choose different floor and wall finishes to see how they looked.

It worked out to be a very fast and efficient system that could be put on a CD-ROM for instore use or downloaded from the Internet. The interface and program would be a small (1-2mb) executable that progressively downloaded the photos and data from a website then stored them locally.

In our Web system a photo and it's data is downloaded once and then the executable processes that locally resulting in a much faster user experience. In the server based scenario the whole interface and photos would be redownloaded each time you make a change. And the user would need to wait for the server to process their request and everyone elses.

Dulux preferred a server based system.

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